Art Despite Everything

16—25 June 2023

University of Exeter
MA Curation

Imogen Patel: Sense of Belonging

Sense of Belonging brings together the works of Imogen Patel, a multidisciplinary artist whose practice navigates the complexities and tensions surrounding her South Asian identity within the dynamic landscape of contemporary, post-colonial Britain. 


Karine Khachatryan's love for the arts was sparked during her childhood in Armenia, where she was surrounded by a rich cultural heritage that instilled in her a deep appreciation for creative expression. Her passion for art remained steadfast and eventually led her to earn a BA in Art History, Archaeology, and Anthropology in 2022, followed by a Curation MA that allowed her to delve deeper into the dynamic world of contemporary art. During this time, Khachatryan developed a keen interest in the work of up-and-coming artists, leading her to focus her curatorial practice on promoting and providing platforms for emerging talent in the art world. 


Imogen Patel, currently based in London, is a multidisciplinary artist born in Hertfordshire. With a focus on race and identity, her work delves into the complex experience of being a British-Asian woman in post-colonial Britain. Patel’s artistic journey began with a Foundation Diploma at Camberwell College of Arts in 2018, followed by a BA in ‘Fine Art: Painting’ at the University of Brighton in 2021. Through mixed-media collages — consisting of Sari fabric, Indian motifs, and scenery from both her hometown and India ​​— Patel skillfully unravels the layers of her heritage; her multi-layered pieces embracing the multifaceted aspects of herself.

Featuring the artist’s raw-edged poetry and striking mixed media paintings — expansive canvases superimposed with Indian motifs, scenes from her hometown, and elegantly draped Sari fabrics — the exhibition allows viewers to peer into Patel’s inner world and grasp her experience of straddling two different cultures. Through her multi-layered pieces, Patel sheds light on the challenges posed by her dual heritage; her ongoing struggle to find a sense of belonging while grappling with feelings of alienation from both the White British and Indian communities. 

Youmust wear the most beautiful saris Karine

Imogen Patel, You must wear the most beautiful Saris, 2021


3-5 Paris Street,
Exeter EX1 2JB

16–25 June 2023

Opening daily: 12–5pm

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