Art Despite Everything

16—25 June 2023

University of Exeter
MA Curation

The Art of Nursing

The Art of Nursing project presents the artwork of ten student nurses from the University of Exeter's Academy of Nursing programme. 


Binjie Wang comes from Yinchuan City in the autonomous region of Ningxia, in North-West China. Previously he has worked on organising events, exhibitions and conferences. Following his studies on the MA Curation programme, his focus has shifted to more experimental ways of presenting artworks to the public and how to engage with diverse audiences through felt experience and new encounters. As a curator, Binjie’s perspective on this exhibition was influenced by his parents, who are both healthcare workers at Yinchuan Hospital.


Fiona Anderson

Lauren Bill

Kirsty Cracknell

Jami Dzharova

Holly Foster

Beatrice Ogbekhiulu

Ella Pammenter

Francesca Rubke

Lily Wolter

+ anonymous

First exhibited at the St Luke’s campus, in association with Arts and Culture, each student has created an artwork, reflecting on their experiences through their professional studies.  The module has drawn on a range of literature and artistic mediums to help the students understand more about nursing history and the lived experience of health, illness and caring for others. The students have explored how the creative arts may offer an outlet to express emotions and experiences which may otherwise be hard to understand or verbalise. The exhibition explores each student's creative learning journey and how they feel their artwork may have impacted upon their own and wider nursing practice, perceptions, compassion and empathy. 

Curatorial statement: 

"Perhaps each of us has experienced a difficult time in the hospital as a patient or as a family member of a patient, and it is during this time that we think about illness, death and life in a new way. We go through that difficult time supported by the care of our nursing staff. We tend to see medical matters through the eyes of the patient or the patient's family, but rarely think about the concerns of the nursing staff themselves. How do their lives change when they become inseparable friends with illness, death and life?”

- Binjie Wang

Hairstory 2
Jamie Lee Dzharova Hope Binjie

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